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Why Heartbeat Websites is the right choice

Why Heartbeat Websites is the right choice

Heartbeat Websites has one goal in mind: To offer businesses monthly top-notch web solutions that will engage their audiences and provide a return on their investment. Our slogan is “monthly website plans that bring you business” and I believe we have the resources to accomplish that. Why should you choose Heartbeat Websites? Below is a few reasons we beat our competitors:


I don’t sit back and collect a paycheck like a big-time CEO. I work on a variety of websites and applications in a variety of industries every day! When I work with your team, I become invested in learning the ins-and-outs of your business, becoming one of your team members. Ultimately, if your business succeeds we succeed.


We work with clients on all different spectrum’s. From the celebrity wedding planner to the local coffee shop, I’ve seen many different scenarios appear while running a website. Whether you run a 5-page website to tell customers about your business or sell products online we can design, host, and support it from beginning to end.


We build all of our websites using a CMS or Content Management System. In the past, to update your website you would need to know how to read code and upload files to a web server to make necessary changes. I feel you should focus on your core business offering instead of trying to learn a second career. A CMS allows you to add pages, insert graphics, or make text changes just as if you were using Microsoft Word. All of our clients receive training as a part of their monthly website plan, so you will know the ins-and-outs of the CMS by the time we finish.

Custom Websites

Our websites are different. We build them from the ground up. Unlike some of our competition, you won’t see us just buying someone else’s website design and editing the colors and logos and calling it complete. Each website starts with a design mockup, so your website is as unique as your business. Some companies look for a quick buck, we are looking for the best way to showcase your business/product.


Heartbeat Websites doesn’t need your arms and legs as payment for your custom website. Our monthly website plans won’t break your bank or require a huge upfront cost. They will keep your website looking good and running smoothly for years to come!

There are many reasons we beat the competitor. Above is just a few of those reasons. If you are unsure of what your business needs to grow reach out and we can get started on the perfect monthly website plan for you!