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We make things simple here. Three monthly website plans to choose from to help you grow

Get Started

All of our plans come with the same 8 basic features to get you started. From there you can choose which additional features will help your business grow!

Starter Care Plan - $175.00/month for 18 months


Setup a blog page layout to blog about their offerings.

Simple Testimonial Rotator

A basic testimonial rotator that rotates to different testimonials. Just testimonial and name.

Simple Contact Form

Basic contact form fields such as name, email, message, phone.

Simple Gallery

Create a simple gallery that shows imagery of the product/service.

Basic Content Slider

Create a basic slider to showcase various products/services you offer.

Social Network Links

We will link to all of your social media accounts whether just as links/icons.

Connect Care Plan - $225.00/month for 18 months

Business Directory

Setup a directory for local businesses in the area.

Social Media Branding

Create branding for their social media accounts that match their website offering.

Events Calendar

Create an events calendar for to show those events.

Pricing Tables

Tiered pricing setup those pricing options.

Google Maps

Setup a google map of their business location.

Email Signups

Create a contact forms for them to sign up their users to mail chimp etc.. (does not include setting up mail chimp).

Google Calendar

Setup google calendar functionality.

Video Embedding

Allow videos to be embedded into the website.

Advanced Testimonial Rotator

Like the simple testimonial rotator, but with images of the author or business.

Logic Contact Forms

Setup conditional logic forms used on higher end websites.

Premium Care Plan - $350.00/month for 18 months


Create a payments or donations option for someone to make a donation within the website and not a 3rd party solution.


Setup membership sites so their users can access back-end pages not available to the public.

G-Suite Setup

Setup the G-Suite of tools such as email and word processing.


Setup an e-commerce store with products and payment processor (additional fees for payment processor not included).


Create forums for users of their website to communicate.

Social Network Setup

Setup social networks for them to manage.

Mailchimp Setup

Setup their mail chimp groups and newsletter templates.